Cold heart but a deep soul

Evening all ❤️

I have Sunday night anxiety again 🙄

Just to top it off I’ve just saw the episode of opie’s wake in sons of anarchy im gutted I know it’s only a TV series but it’s story line has some real life lessons that hit home. About loyalty and doing whats right in life to help the ones you love.

Opie was a fantastic character he gave his life to protect the ones he loved.

Things like this really hit home to me and no I’m not going to run away and get a motorbike this is all about how far would people go for the ones they love.

How loyalty overcomes peoples need to be selfish.

It’s so easy to be wrapped up in your own little bubble to be emotionally switched off to people’s love and there willing to show you they genuinely care.

Is it really everyman and women to themselves Where’s the compassion in that?

To me when I genuinely have someone in my life and in my circle that I genuinely love and respect I would do anything for that person I would have there back no questions asked.

I do have a personality that can switch once hurt or betrayed it takes a lot to reach that point but when it does I don’t see how there is any going back.

And if I do I know in my heart it’s genuine love I have for that person is real.

I’m known to have a….

But honstly that’s just a wall I’ve built around my heart to stop the pain from showing on the outside.

Pain from being pushed away by people who I genuinely thought loved me and respected me turned Out to be another story.

But everyone I have in my life I genuinely care about and love with all my heart.

I would stop at nothing to help and show I care.

Even though I carry a heavy burden of my own I would always be there for them.

Trouble with me is I don’t trust easy and once I do its a long standing trust unless it’s broken.

My point here is don’t judge my loyalty never judge my choices I will only allow what i will allow and rest is up to fate..

Peace ✌️

Stacie xx

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Hi I'm Stacie I'm 34 busy mum from the West Midlands 🇬🇧 Started blogging April 2019 I hope you like my blog posts

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