Dreams come true if you want them enough.

Heya all

I Hope you have all had a great week.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and what ide like to achieve and over the past few weeks I’ve really thought about what I want My girls are not always going to be little not that I’m wishing the years away but I also need to think about me and what will make me happy.

So I need to share one of my goals with you and I’ve set it to Be completed by the end of 2020

Have any of you seen the film the holiday?

Well for the ones who haven’t it’s a love story where two women have their heartbroken by men the one falls in love with a man who barely looks at her as anything else than his assistant and the other a successful women who’s a movie music producer is taken for a bit of a ride by a man who let’s his egotistical personality thrive of her success.

Well after these two ladies left heartbroken and alone over Christmas and thanks giving. Decided to do a house swap the successful American lady comes to the UK in a stunning little countryside cottage and the other women flys off L. A to a swanky pad with a pool but whilst she’s on the plane ready for take off she gets a texted off this gentleman asking for her advice she looks and decides not to respond at that moment you feel her pain when you know she wants to respond but out of self dignity she can’t.

Hang in there I’m getting to my point of me mentioning this to you all.

After some alone time and reflecting on thier lives they know that changes need to be made if it wasn’t for their heartache they would of never got the courage to have flew half way across the globe.

During this time they started to find themselves again and learning new things going new places meeting new people and falling in love at the most unexpected time.

Without forcing anything all happened naturally and fate had taken over but if they hadn’t of taken that chance and if they hadn’t of been brave they would of never kick-started their new path.

Here where it comes to me I get extremely influenced by movies and music call me Peter pan I can honestly say I don’t live in a dream world or an ideal one I’m somewhat in between if I can make it happen I will.

So I’ve had this dream for a while now like one of my bucket list items.

To be completely at ease with myself ide love to rent a cottage in Ireland for a few weeks somewhere disconnected from every day life to sit with a book by a log fire with a hot cup of tea with the noise of the waves crashing amongst the shore nothing else no stress no Internet just completely shut down and let my mind be clear.

Ide possibly hitchhike a lift into a town and hopefully survive then go sit in a traditional Irish pub and listen to some proper Irish music with a famous pint of Guinness.

But my favourite thing would be to go around Christmas time.

When people’s spirits are higher than normal.

Sounds pretty boring to some people but we aren’t made to all have the same dreams.

So I Vow to follow at least one of my goals a year this one has been at the top of my list for a while it’s about time I followed it.

To completely detach from day to day life would be great and to kick start my path to finding myself again would be absolutely amazing.

I’m not worried about doing anything alone I’ve always been strong willed.

So I never worry to much about travelling what will be will be you never experience anything from staying inside the box.

Lots of love

Stacie xx

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Hi I'm Stacie I'm 34 busy mum from the West Midlands šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ Started blogging April 2019 I hope you like my blog posts

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