Is it summer yet πŸ€”

Hey all happy Saturday.

I did say I was going to do a review of bondi sands gradual everyday tanning milk so here it is…

So it’s payday and I’m in my local superdrug store in town and I’ve been moaning all week on how I looked very gothic for the approaching summer months.

Everyone says hey life’s better with a tan so I thought yes why not but I really wanted to avoid that nasty beef crisps smell and looking like a crusty tiger roll from tesco in the wearing off stage.

If I’m honest I’ve been researching that skinny tan but I’ve seen mixed reviews so I was kind of put off that due to the numerous bad reviews that’s it’s not worth the money.

I’ve tried most tans and I very rarely get a spray tan unless it’s a special occasion.

Just needed something that was easy and quick drying and that doesn’t smell totally discusting.

Saw this on the shelf and thought it’s a pretty big bottle for Β£7.99

Normal retail price is Β£11.99.

I couldn’t wait to use it that’s the sadness attached to me in life and your in your 30’s get excited about getting a new kettle or a microwave you know post middle age issues.

So yesterday evening was the first time I’ve used it and honestly I’m quite impressed.

Not used a gradual tan for a long time it’s always been a full on tan no going back till it fades..

Back in the day dove gradual tan was the go to product when my grandparents used to curse at me don’t use that self tan rubbish it will give you skin cancer no grandad the only thing that will happen here is ide be looking like a cheesy wotsit.

Old people πŸ™„ god rest their soul..

So me being old school thought why not just try a more advanced product and see if a gradual tan will be easier to maintain within my busy lifestyle.

Well I have to say a little bit goes a long way you don’t need hand fulls of the stuff to cover your body drying time is around 10 mins you need to make sure you properly dry your skin before applying if being used after a shower or bath.

You must allow the lotion to dry before dressing but I’ve not seen any product rub off on my clothes.

Only problem I had I forget to wash my hands after use so now they are slightly darker in between my fingers than rest of my body. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

The smell isn’t to bad at first smells like biscuits but it does wear off after a while.

After one application this is my result..

I have to say I was a pale shade of white I’ve not applied any other products apart from bondi sands gradual everyday tanning milk.

I no longer feel like a goth even though I’m still a inner goth I feel my dark brown hair suits better with a natural looking tan.

So honestly would I recommend this product yes I would.

I would give it 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ not giving it 5 as I really hoped it didn’t smell at all but honestly it doesn’t smell horrific otherwise I wouldn’t use it.

So I’m going to continue to use it and see how it goes but overall its a good product.

Click the link below to purchase yours today…


bondi sands gradual everyday tanning milk superdrug UK

Peace out✌️❀️


Stacie xx

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