Brain please be quite just for a moment..

Hiya everyone I’m back for another blog post..

I’ve had a horrible few days with my anxiety this evening it’s peaked and its broken me down.

Have to keep telling myself….

I absolutely hate the person I become during these episodes beacuse it’s really not me, I’m constantly worried about everything and everyone.

And don’t get me started on the paranoia I have the most horrible thoughts about my family and my freinds completely hating me as a person.

I’ve lost a lot of friends from this and me pushing them away.

You know how life goes home pressure work pressure negative atmosphere negative people in general all gets a bit much.

I’ve tried really hard just lately to get rid of everything and everyone who causes stress to my life.

Which seems to have helped but yet again another episode.

Its like a pattern for me starts with extreme lows and great highs & lack of being able to shut off at night.

Night time for me is the worst its the time my Brain is most active and unable to stop overthinking about what I did or didn’t do or say.

I’m always worried I’ve said the wrong thing or done something wrong.

It’s horrible it always ends in a break down & me in floods of tears not understanding why Ive allowed myself to get like this again.

I genuinely feel for other people who suffer from anxiety it’s bloody terrible I know it’s not just women but men who come across confident who also suffer from anxiety.

Anyone can be affected by this at any point in their lives.

But you just have to remember this 👇👇👇

One step at a time take every day as it comes.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of the people that matter will 💯 understand.

Always remember…

Find a distraction hobby mines singing I put everything I have into that every emotion and situation I put across through music this has completely helped me my anxiety my attacks are getting less and less.

Apart from this evening I’ve not been like this for a while.

But hey I hope this is a one off…

Hopefully things will get better 🙏🏻

Stay strong people

Stacie xx

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Hi I'm Stacie I'm 34 busy mum from the West Midlands 🇬🇧 Started blogging April 2019 I hope you like my blog posts

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