A little bit of late night blogging ❤️

Hello all and wow what a response I’ve had from starting my blog today.

I never thought I was that interesting.

I absolutely love the thought of being able to openly share my knowledge and my life experiences with people and they actually listen to me wow power of the Internet.

So before I start my dreaded week of early mornings and breakfast club school run with one very moody ten year old and a five year old who asks way to many questions at 6am in the morning.

I like to leave you with a theory of mine and some updates from past 6 months and how strength and willing to move on and focus has helped me through.

Here it goes so imagine this life’s a bit like a fairground you have exciting times you can’t wait to explore and see whats out there.

Other times it feels like you paid £40 to sit in a plastic poncho and line up for ages to be told the ride is closed due bad weather.

You have times that are repetitive you keep going round that dam rollercoaster holding on for dear life.

There’s emense highs from happy memories and drastic lows.

And relationships can feel like you have been ripped off by the photo booth at the end of the ride.

But no matter what happeneds you learn you live and you experience from life people are all on their own life path doesn’t matter what they are doing focus on yourself.

The fairground will be there for centuries to come but you won’t so live life to the fullest.

So for myself I’ve battled with some pretty rubbish situations.

I’ve battled with my own demons and my own health whilst trying to keep myself focused for my family whilst going to work.

For months I’ve shut myself away shut my family and freinds out.

For me this was a period of dealing with situations that’s have held me down for so many years.

Rejection, grief, trauma, low self esteem and Insecurities that have caused me so much pain.

Untill a month ago I realised I couldn’t keep living like this and that i have had completely had enough of living life like this.

That old saying it sometimes hurts you more to hold on than to let go is definitely correct.

So it was time to change.

And beyond everything somewhere deep down I knew there was still a piece of me here still fighting so that’s what I did.

So I wrote a list of what’s important to me in life and what’s not I realised I was holding on to a lot of future situations I couldn’t change, people who didn’t care and most of all holding on to the past.

This really helped me to focus and gave me the kick I needed.

Now I put my family and my few friends and most of all myself first you can’t pour from an empty glass.

So hopefully now my health will get better and my mindset even stronger.

My confidence is coming back.

I’ve also turned my hurt into passion for my music and the love of singing.

Key is to focus yourself on the positive and to keep away from negative patterns and people ❤️

Good night and thanks again for all your support.

Published by seashellslipgloss87

Hi I'm Stacie I'm 34 busy mum from the West Midlands 🇬🇧 Started blogging April 2019 I hope you like my blog posts

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